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Frog in a Sock (Or, Aussie Slang)

You don’t want to come off as a frog in a sock…

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Just a few years into doing the sports segment, Steve is carving a niche advising listeners on gameday bets.

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Super Bowl Courtroom

The morning after Super Bowl XL, there’s still some disquiet over a controversial ruling. Steve joins for a certain legal discussion.

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Steve’s Diet

Sports guy Steve Czaban had some questionable diet habits in the mid-2000s, including three trips to a 7/11 …. in one day.

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Czabe on Deer Hunting

Perhaps one of the manliest of recreational activities.

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Bass Fishin’

Some redneck noodlin’ yields a world record bass catch. Steve is here to discuss.

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Olympic Eating

Who says professional eating can’t be an Olympic sport? Some people take it seriously. Very seriously.

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Future Razor

After giving Brian a nosebleed, Steve shares the inside story of the three-blade razor.

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