Czabe Archives

Frog in a Sock (Or, Aussie Slang)

You don’t want to come off as a frog in a sock…


Just a few years into doing the sports segment, Steve is carving a niche advising listeners on gameday bets.

Super Bowl Courtroom

The morning after Super Bowl XL, there’s still some disquiet over a controversial ruling. Steve joins for a certain legal discussion.

Steve’s Diet

Sports guy Steve Czaban had some questionable diet habits in the mid-2000s, including three trips to a 7/11 …. in one day.

Czabe on Deer Hunting

Perhaps one of the manliest of recreational activities.

Bass Fishin’

Some redneck noodlin’ yields a world record bass catch. Steve is here to discuss.

Olympic Eating

Who says professional eating can’t be an Olympic sport? Some people take it seriously. Very seriously.

Future Razor

After giving Brian a nosebleed, Steve shares the inside story of the three-blade razor.